I got to exclusively try the new Country Heat Home Workout Program created by 21 Day Fix Autumn Calabrese that’ll be released in August 2016 by Beachbody and their Coaches.  I asked my goofy, entertaining husband Scott to join me. If you know Chip Gains well Scott is like his long lost brother.

My honest thoughts: Scott and I we’re busy… we had just put food in the oven and the timer was set for 30 minutes. We turned on Country Heat and basically our food was going to be done about 10 minutes before the work out finished. I was REALLY hungry and honest thought I would pause the video to eat! Just tell my customers I said.

The warm up was really simple to follow… THANKFULLY. I don’t like feeling completely lost when I try a new workout. So I was excited! The music was really fun, I could sing along and have FUN basically learning how to country dance while keeping my core tight. You learn a few moves and then move on to new moves and a new song about every 5 minutes! So if I started to feel tired a new fun song came on that revived me up that I got to learn new moves to. Scott and I we’re both sweating and laughing.


I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter what 21 Day Fix workout I’m doing I seem to look at the clock at 10 minutes in to see how long I’ve worked. Only 10 minutes? Ok, I can do this, it’s only 20 to go. WELL I never looked at the time ONCE on this Country Heat workout! Food? What food? Scott went to pull the food out and I yelled “Babe! What are you doing? A new song is on, come dance with me!”

I’m honestly excited to learn some new dance moves and can’t wait to see what the other workouts are like and songs there will be.

I AM STARTING A TEST GROUP FOR THE COUNTRY HEAT WORKOUT PROGRAM END OF SUMMER. If YOU’D like to be apart of it fill out the form and I’ll consider you to be apart of it.

  • I’m looking for those with full commitment.
  • Who will track and share progress in my private group.
  • Who are looking for something new and fun to change up their exercises routine!