Meet Suzie: I’m all about moving forward with my life and helping others do the same. I joined the well known company Beachbody as a Coach, became Piyo certified and taught in the gym and now I run health & fitness bootcamps online helping customers get all the tools they need to reach their goals from the comfort of their home. It takes team work to make the dream work so if I’m not helping others with health & fitness I’m mentoring new coaches to do the same. ♥


Weeks after deciding to quit my corporate job to be home with my 3 kiddos my life started to crumble into a painful separation only to find out I was expecting my very first daughter who was born only a month before the snowball of my divorce.


I was consumed with this new painful, bittersweet path that I was to walk with my beautiful well deserving children. The stress of a new job, food stamps, homelessness and staying with family, registering into college for the first time I found my health spiraling down into a depression causing my thyroid to give out on me.


A year later my oldest, 6 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I’m not too much of a cryer but that day I was. I couldn’t hide it… I couldn’t hold it back even with my little son gazing up at me confused and scared sitting in that doctors office. I now needed to track and count every single carbohydrate he ate. I researched foods that would benefit my thyroid and his diabetes. I was overwhelmed to say the least. After 3 years of living this way I decided…. I wanted and needed a man in our lives. And if I wanted a man that would last, a father figure that I wanted my boys to follow after I knew I had to work on me. So… I got busy.


I made a check list of the qualities I wanted in a future husband and began trying to possess some of those myself. I wanted to become the best me I could to match such a man. I was introduced to Beachbody by my brother. It gave me something to hope for, something to work for, something to strive for. It gave me tools. It taught me how to take care of myself, to stop skipping meals when I was stressed, to release the stress through exercise, to feel a little more confident. It promoted personal development. I read it. And I read more, and more of it. I started to feel like a normal person again, not a broken one. I imaged in a glimpse…. me, ME, helping others do what I was doing. I imagined myself supporting my kids FROM HOME. I started to dream again, I started to set goals, sadly but for the first time in my life I set goals. And then I started to reach one goal at a time. I development a long loss relationship with my Heavenly Father. I began coming to church and SLOWLY but surely I started to let my concrete wall down. It took time but I began letting love into my life again.


Within 2 months I met my future husband and several months later we we’re married. Never yet having children of his own he took on my four.

Mothers Day 2016 my 8 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I now have two sons with type 1 diabetes. 

I coach with my heart for women who want someone to confide in, someone to share their health struggles with, to be their cheerleader and to celebrate milestones. I help working moms become stay at home working moms. I love what I do. I do what I love. Life is what we make it. There’s no one to do it for us. It’s flipping hard sometimes but I’ve become a bit of a fighter, I’m about getting through it, working though it, gaining support, having faith in Christ and moving forward because it is always worth it.

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