Why Fitness from Home?

#1 You’ll know What You’re Doing. You don’t need a personal trainer to know you’re working all of your muscle groups safely and consistently. Home workouts come with every type of exercise ranging from Cardio to Weight Lifting to Pilates and Yoga.


#2 Save Time – When my kids were much younger I couldn’t afford the gym child care! Or the gym. I also didn’t want my 3 month old in a public daycare. My husband left the house at 4 am so running with friends or hittin’ the gym before he left was out of the question. Home workouts it was! But let’s just say I haven’t been doing your momma’s Richard Simmons videos like when I was a kid. I would stand behind my mom in our living room that was filled with 70’s yellow wall paper and jump up and down trying to be healthy like mom.


There are some talented trainers like Chalene Johnson, Tony, Shaun T, and Autumn Calabres who’ve created fun, well rounded programs to keep this busy mom happy and in shape! When my husband says babe, you’ve really been working out… I can tell! It puts a smile on my face. Plus, when your kids have a sleep over and you NEED to workout you can login to Beachbody On Demand or pop in the DVD and you’ve got what you need on your flatscreen!


#3 Save Money – On Child Care, Personal Trainer, Gas and Travel. Those are things I saved on over the years. I do pay $6 a month to get all of my home workout DVD’s backed-up to my Online Beachbody On Demand app. SO, I can access them anytime, anywhere plus there are other perks like recipes, freebee workouts I can try before deciding if I want to purchase it or not and more.  

#4 Privacy – for many people their weight is a private matter and they’d prefer a little privacy than walking into a public gym not knowing where to start.  The Home Workout Programs I do come with a laid out meal plan and exercise plan targeting from your daily activities, weight goal, to put you on the right plan that’ll help you meet your over all goal. A whole booklet in fact that explains how to start new healthy habits WITHOUT STARVING. You can and should lose weight without going hungry.


#5 Family Influence – My Favorite reason! Maybe once a month I’ll do my workout with my kids around and let them join me. It’s so good for them to see their mom doing something that is hard, that makes her sweat yet she pushes through and makes it fun. They learn by example. My daughter loves when I teach her yoga and pilates moves. She wants to learn so she can become a better gymnast.


My Tips based on years of personal experience:

  1. Wake up before everyone else so you can focus on YOU time. I’m an introvert and NEED my time to collect my thoughts, make decisions and gain my emotional strength before the day starts. If I’ve done a workout enough times I’ll put on an audio book while I’m exercising so I can strengthen my body and mind. Again once in a while let your kids see you working out.
  2. Create your gym space. Decided where you’ll workout in your home. It should be a place you can use at the time you decided ahead of time that no one else will be occupying. Find out if you’ll need to pick up a few weights or mat from Target and make a safe out of site place to store them away from little kiddos. It could be a guest room, living room, bedroom, garage and yard. Spice things up and invite a friend to join you once in awhile.1900073_290776791120478_5897000182559721508_n
  3. Decided what days and times you’ll be exercising. If you think I’ll “find the time” or “I’ll do it later” it most likely won’t happen. Make a real commitment to yourself. Make an actual decision. Definition of decision: “the action or process of deciding something or of resolving a question.” SO, write it out on your calendar or set an alarm on your phone. Example: Monday, 5:30 AM, Lower Body workout.
  4. Join an online accountability group on Facebook or a challenge group app to keep you on track and motivated. I host these groups monthly. You can learn more here. These groups help tremendously even for the insanely introverted, independent like me. Say that 3 times fast!
  5. Consider buying at a one time cost a well rounded home exercise program at least every 4-6 months that will provided among other things a calendar for you to follow. That way you’ll know for example Mondays are for cardio, Wednesdays are for Upper Body and Sundays are for Yoga. Learn more here.

If this was helpful comment or share! Thanks for reading!

Suzie Biddle ~