healthy eating tips for kids


Tell Them Why They Should Eat It

We can all use some new healthy eating tips for kids from time to time. Instead of saying “eat your carrots because they’re good for you” tell them why they are good for them. Such as saying carrots help you to see better so you’ll have better vision to catch the ball at your game on Saturday! Or relate it to something in their life. Carrots also help reduces sugar cravings, score! They help stabilize blood sugar levels as well. Having 2 Type 1 diabetic sons, organic carrots are a pretty regular snack in our house! If you don’t know the specific benefits of what you’re eating, google it! 

 Get Both Parents On Board  

I know… it may not be easy. My husband could live off of meat and carbs AND my former husband used to feed our kids pizza and soda almost EVERY weekend… but not anymore. EDUCATE everyone. You can’t nag them. Or tell them they eat terrible foods and they’re gonna die of a heart attack. LOVE THEM, listen to them, work in baby steps. You can recommend a fantastic book, “listen to this while driving to work.” Teaching them what you’re learning which means you’ve got to lead the pack because it’s WORTH IT. This can take time or maybe they are ready to hear it now. Either way, don’t give up on this one. Dads are big influences on sons especially between the ages of 7-14. They want to do what dad is doing and learn how to be a man. If this scares you, reach out to me. I’d love to chat and share more as a mom of 3 sons with two father figures in their lives!  

Get Creative & Have Fun  

Try different fruits and veggies, cut their foods into shapes, try raw or cooked. Let them add their favorite seasonings like ketchup, salsa, mustard, cheese, chocolate syrup. Chocolate syrup? Yeah at first if that’ll get them eating it! My son made a banana chocolate kabob last night. Bottom line, make it enjoyable, laugh about it, have fun experimenting together. Don’t make it a negative stressful thing. Don’t think MY kids won’t change after no one will eat the big dinner you just made as your husband tries to convince them that it’s good! (Been there) Stress will do more harm to your body than the chocolate syrup will. Lastly, it’s said that sometimes kids need to try or just see the same food up to 10+ times before they’ll start to like it. Apply these healthy eating tips for kids and let me know how it goes! Don’t give up.                                                                                                              

These Healthy Eating Tips For Kids

….have been a game changer for my family. Of course my preteen still asks for soda and chips because some of his friends are having that, but my kids now grab a few frozen berries out of the freezer for a snack instead of a chocolate pudding. I call that a win! 


healthy eating tips for kids




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