10 Self-Serving Healthy Kids Snacks For Home or On The Go

We all wanna be able to pull out healthy kids snacks on the go when things are crazy. I can’t tell you how worth-it it is to spend 30 minutes to an hour meal prepping each week on healthy kids snacks so you can avoid the chaos of not knowing what to feed them. Here’s to caving and pulling into the drive-through. From Chobani greek yogurts (instead of sugary ones) to personalized trail mix your kids are bound to appreciate your time prepping these healthy kids snacks for them.

My kids range from 7 – 12 and when they get home from school they want to raid the fridge and pantry! Can you relate? My 12 year old son said “Mom these snacks you put in the drawer [in the fridge] are the bomb!” Lol. Or maybe you have little ones and are at parks and play dates and need some fresh ideas. There’s enough variety to satisfy most kids with what I’ve listed below. If you have some great kid approved healthy snacks your family loves please leave them in the comments!

You can also find my 3 Best Tips to helping your kids become healthier eaters here.

Healthy Kids Snacks On The Go

Fresh Organic Carrots sliced w/ cucumbers surrounded by bagged boiled eggs

Healthy Kids Snacks On The Go

Newtons 100% Whole Grain Wheat Fig Newton bars & Trail Mix.

Healthy Kids Snacks On The Go

Sliced apples, I usually add a travel Skippy Naturals peanut butter with this too. Organic Simply Balanced apple sauce pouch.

Healthy Kids Snacks

Mozzarella and cheddar monterey jack cheese

Healthy Kids Snacks On the go

Chobani Yogurts & Belvita crackers are a favorite with my kids.


“People have great taste.They just need great options.” – Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder and CEO of Chobani. “After moving to New York from his native Turkey, Hamdi found that in America, yogurt just wasn’t as delicious and widely available as it was back home. He believed everyone deserved better options, so he set about making delicious, nutritious, natural and accessible Greek yogurt right here in the U.S. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Healthy Kids Snacks On the go

Here are a few lunch ideas for on the go too!

healthy kids snacks


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